Whois records say this domain was first registered in 2008, my freshman year of high school.  It might have been a lofty goal at that time to create and maintain a blog, but regardless, I’m ashamed of how long it has taken me.  I’ve always questioned whether I have enough noteworthy thoughts, or topics to write about in order to sustain a web log.  And if I do, who would it interest?

It’s impossible to know without diving in.  The current version of this site was first launched in Spring 2011, and it’s taken me until now to incorporate it into WordPress and write this post (a 1-2 weekend project).  Hopefully this gets the ball rolling enough to post on a semi consistent basis.  This blog will probably take the form of a micro-blog: short posts with links & pictures mostly related to design, programming, and being a student.  I will also be sharing personal projects, and proofs-of-concepts.  It’s possible there might be some design or programming assets thrown in too.  You’re welcome to follow along.

The site is not yet perfect.  I’m still working on comments (for now, respond @willhaynes), and relocating the metadata bar, as well as adding search functionality, and an archives page.  However, if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few years it’s that done is better than perfect.

The fact that you’re reading this, means either this is still the only post, or that I’m doing a good enough job down the road you wanted to see what the first post looks like.  I certainly hope for the latter!

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