Myspace Attempts Revamp

To the internet, Myspace is deader than Internet Explorer 6, AOL, and Blockbuster combined.  And with good reason, the brand Myspace is synonymous with glitter bombed profiles wreaking of animated gifs and hacked together css.  But Myspace has been up to some very interesting stuff lately.  Two years ago they released a new logo, suggesting that just like the teenage girls that once frequented the site, they were beginning to mature.  However, without changes the site structure or functionality, the new logo design didn’t do much to help them win back their respect.

A New Myspace is Born

Myspace has just released a video preview of a “new” Myspace they claim to have built “entirely from scratch.”  While the video only hints at the new sites functionality, just from the preview I can tell you this revamp looks pretty damn cool:

There’s a number of elements that intrigue me.

A Horizontal Layout.

While vertical layouts might lend themselves better for displaying linear content, with a horizontal approach Myspace says it is not afraid to try something entirely unconventional.  I think this new approach will let the content come to life, comparable to the design of the news app Flipboard.

Optimized for Touch.

Everything about this design screams “tablet enabled”.  I think this new site will feel very natural in a world of tablets and touch screens.

Dynamic content.

If you take a moment to consider the layout’s of Facebook and Twitter, you will realize how static the display of information is.  There’s only so much information to be had, and it’s all presented in a linear fashion.  This new Myspace seems to be capitalizing on the success of sites like Pinterest, in letting information be Dynamic.

While only time will tell if this revamp has sticking potential, I personally can’t wait to get my hands on an account, and play around.

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