A word on Unsolicited Redesigns

A few years ago when Tyler Thompson took it upon himself to fix boarding passes in a way that would provide only relevant information to the passenger.  This was the first time I had come across an “unsolicited redesign”, and since then every one I’ve stumbled across has intrigued me more and more.

It’s easy to come complacent with poor, nonfunctional design.  I believe designers have a duty to challenge complacency, and push new boundaries in what can be done with design. This is especially important on the internet, where new technologies make new design possible.

Last week, I stumbled across the subreddit r/unsolicitedredesigns. While the quality and quantity of design work posted there isn’t great, I did find a link to another site, uninvidedredesigns which does have some very neat and though provoking work. I encourage you to check it out!


If you’re interested in some other great unsolicted redesigns, take a look at:

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